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Zipporah Israel, A Mother, Author, Entrepreneur, and Hair Braider was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan in the year 1985. She has a heart of gold and have always had a love for herself and others. Even though she had many challenges in her life she didn't let the negatives of her upbringing stop her from accomplishing her goals. Although hair braiding is one of her passions it is definitely not the only one. She learned the skill to make other people look good on the outside, but also wanted to expand that skill and creating a positive affirmational journal to possibly help others to feel good from within. Her path of positive education started at the age of 10. For the most part she was self-taught and have over 20 years of hair braiding experience. She recently received her hair braiding certificate to begin teaching young girls how to braid.

As a leader, role model, educator, and inspiration to others her mission is to empower, aspire, and help shift the minds of young ladies in understanding their true power from within. At the age of 21, she began reading many positive inspirational, motivational, self-help, and affirmation books from well-known authors around the world. She created and designed the book, "I Am Pretty, Positive, and Unique" for anyone, especially young ladies that is willing to embrace their inner beauty, creativity, and uniqueness with confidence.

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